Beer Tap Handle Fishing Pole

                              Custom beer tap  ice and summer fishing rod and reels.New rod and reel with your favorite beer tapper handle...

                                                                          Over 400 Original Tap Handles.
Fishing poles made with my collection of beer tapper handles.I can make ice rods or summer rods. Made with brand new rod and spinning reel.
I have also made fly rods and open face reels.
Your choice of beer tapper handle. I have many not shown. 
       $109.00 FREE shipping.  US 48 States and Canada.  Call 763-438-0356  or CONTACT US

  • New rod and reel with beer tapper handle. Handles are collected but in almost new condition,if not you will be told first before shipped.
  • Beer tap handles are very comfortable to hold on. 
  • Spin Cast
  • Spinning Reel
  • Bait Casting
  • Fly Rod
  • Trolling Reel                                                                                                                                           
                                                                             $75.00 - $109.00 Depending on tap handle.Rods and Reels are "new".


           We can use any type of spinning rod,open face,fly rod reel.

                                                                  QTY-1  $109.00 EACH FREE shipping.  QTY-2  89.00 EACH FREE SHIPPING
                                                                 US 48 States and Canada.  Call 763-438-0356  or write
                             MY INVENTORY CHANGES DAILY   CALL TO ORDER  763 438 0356

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