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Metal Fire Pit Covers

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Conical -Dome Shape Fire Pit Lids, Snuffs Fire,Keeps Water, Snow, Rodents, Yard Debris Out Of Fire Pit Hole.
                                             WE SHIP TO CANADA-CALL FOR SHIPPING COST
         Mild Steel  Cover-Acid Dipped With Powder Coat Heat Paint                          35"Diameter       38-3/4" Diameter             42" Diameters
                                                                                                                                       CUSTOM SIZES CALL - 2 WEEK LEAD TIME
      Mild Steel  Brown /Bronze Hammer Finish Heat Powder Coat Paint.  
35" Diameter  $279.00  plus 79.00 Shipping 
39" Diameter  $299.00  plus $79.00 Shipping

  42" Diameter  $359.00 plus  $149.00 UPS OVER SIZE SHIPPING
      Shipping: Box Size Dimensional Weight charges apply from UPS.

                                       Stainless Steel Fire Pit Covers   MADE IN MINNESOTA

                                       Type 304 "no rust" Stainless Steel Cover                             35"Diameter       38-3/4" Diameter        42" Diameters                       

  Made from 16 gauge type 304 B  finish stainless steel. Type 304  is excellent for a life time of rust free use however it is a commercial grade stainless steel and there may be a few scratches from handling of the material.. We sell a rust free fire pit cover.Not a "watcu"
If your expecting a product with no scratches you will have to buy a 304 A finish and this will cost 2x as much. We fabricate fire pit covers,not watch's.
What you see in the pic is what you get.

   35" Diameter   $249.00 plus $88.00 Shipping

   39" Diameter  $289.00 Plus  $79.00 Shipping 
   42" Diameter $349.00  Plus 149.00  UPS OVER SIZE SHIPPING
                                        Minnesota Customers Will Be Charged Sales Tax

                                                                                 Discounted Fire Pit Liners   www.FirePit911



         Swirl Finish...
This option has been very popular this year. The process takes some time but will add a nice look to your cover as it ages.
         We use type 304-b finish stainless steel.

          35" Diameter With Swirl Finish $299.00 plus $69.00 UPS  Shipping

          39" Diameter with Swirl Finish $329.00 plus $88.00 UPS Shipping 

          42" Diameter with Swirl Finish $399.00 plus $129.00 Over Size UPS Charges.

           Shipping: Box Size Dimensional Weight charges apply from UPS.


         We can make up to 59-3/4" Diameter covers with a 6" center rise. We must order in 60" wide material.
         This size fire pit cover must ship Freight. Call or write for pricing.

                                         Optional Swirl Finish                                                                                                          Mill finish

                                                    Questions call Bruce  phone 763-438-0356


                                                                      Optional Swirl Finish $60.00   Call to have this done. Ph.763.438.0356
                                                                                                      WHATS NEW!

                                                                                         Custom Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate Cover (Any size)
                                                                                          Made from 1/8" thick aluminum brite tread plate.Made to stand the test of time.

36" Diameter flat aluminum campfire ring cover. $190.00 plus $49.00 Shipping.
40' Diameter flat aluminum fire pit lid. $249.00 plus $69.00
                                                                  Custom sizes available.
                                                                                   Custom Flat Stainless Steel Cover With Sides.      Call for price

                                                                    NEW! HEAT DEFLECTOR STAND $199.00 PLUS SHIPPING
                                                                                    FOR USE WITH STAINLESS STEEL COVER
                                                              NEW! HEAT DEFLECTOR STAND WORKS WITH ANY STAINLESS COVER
                                                                                     $199.00 PLUS SHIPPING

                                                                          ANY CUSTOM SIZE UP TO 36" DIAMETER X 22" TALL
                                                                                                       CALL TO ORDER 763 438 0356
         We ship our  stainless steel-metal conical sloped fire pit cover lids to.Alabama Florida Illinois Kentucky Massachusetts Missouri New Hampshire North Carolina Oregon South Dakota Vermont Wisconsin Alaska Colorado Georgia Indiana Louisiana Michigan New Jersey North Dakota Pennsylvania Tennessee Virginia Wyoming Arizona Connecticut Hawaii Iowa Main Minnesota Nebraska New Mexico Ohio Rhode Island Texas, Washington Arkansas Delaware Idaho Kansas Maryland Mississippi Nevada New York Oklahoma South Carolina Utah West Virginia Alaska ,Canada, Chicago, Portland, Rochester, Cleveland, Miami, Key West ,Dallas , Huston, Austin, 

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